Chinese Language

ChineseĀ language is a Mother Tongue subject that is part of the Singapore education system. In fact, there is a growing trend of non-Chinese students, who have chosen to study the Chinese Language as their Mother Tongue subject.

With over 80 percent of Singaporeans conversing in Mandarin, it is not easy to get by a day without having to communicate in this language, be it in the food centres, retail outlets or perhaps the beauty salon. The ability to speak in the Chinese Language also opens up doors for business opportunities, for work-related purpose.

By acquiring help from 1 to 1 home tutors for the Chinese Language, you will gain individualised feedback from home tuition and regular continuous practice of the Chinese Language skills required, including Comprehension, Grammar practice, Vocabulary and Creative Writing.

Our tuition agency has a strong team of reliable one to one home tutors. By engaging them for Chinese Language home tuition, you can give your children the head start that they need.

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