General Paper (GP)

Many Junior College (JC) students have expressed their concerns for the General Paper (GP), as it is a skills-centered paper, whereby even if you had scored an A1 in your O-Levels for the English language, you might struggle with the GP at the junior college. This is where home tuition might come in handy.
Proficiency in the English language alone might not be sufficient in scoring well for the GP. Engaging 1 to 1 home tutors might be just the solution you need.

By acquiring help from a private tutor for English tuition, you will gain individualised feedback and regular continuous practice of the GP skills required.

Our tuition agency has a strong team of reliable one to one home tutors. By engaging them as an English tutor for GP, you can give your children the head start that they need.

Contact us at to get an effective English tutor for GP as part of home tuition now.

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