Junior College

When you sign up with Champtutors, you will have access to tutors who have been through the tough exams and distinguished themselves with their outstanding academic results, regardless of H1, H2 or H3 levels.

They understand the intensity of the competition and will be able to sympathise with the gruelling JC curriculum. A home tutor will be able to bridge the transition in mastering content from secondary school to junior college.

Our tuition agency has a strong team of reliable one to one home tutors. By engaging them for JC tuition, you can give your children the head start that they need.

Contact us at champtutors.com@gmail.com to get an effective JC tutor for home tuition now.

Subjects our tutors cover:

   General Paper (GP)
   Chinese, Malay, Tamil
   H1/H2/H3 Maths
   H1/H2/H3 Physics
   H1/H2/H3 Chemistry
   H1/H2/H3 Biology
   H1/H2/H3 Economics
   Chinese Studies
   Malay Studies 
   Tamil Studies

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