Principles of Accounts (POA)

Principles of Accounts Home Tuition is crucial for students who aim to have a career in banking and finance courses in future. POA is offered at secondary school.

Most students have difficulty in school with the POA because of the topics being covered too rapidly. Once you lose focus or do not do well in one topic, it hinders progress in other topics because they are connected.

POA tutors can be rare and so this can pose a challenge for parents who want to hire a tutor for their child who is struggling for POA in a secondary school.

Our agency has tried to build a strong team of POA 1-1 home tutors over time and this is ongoing. Most of our POA teachers are current secondary school teachers. Do engage the services of one to one home tuition for POA, so that you can give your child access to an effective one to one home tutor that he or she needs.

Contact us at to get an effective POA tutor for home tuition now.

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